Garage Bonci is a professional team offering customized solutions for the realization of exhibitions and events.
The gallery take place in the center of Pietrasanta (LU), the town, thanks to its foundries and its stone processing laboratories,  is a really open-air site, not only a window open but a relais for the system and the market of the contemporary art. Pietrasanta is alively town in the heart of the Versilia at the foot of Apuan Mountains  which is a unique center for exhibitions, art galleries and a mainstreaming for the culture care.
Born in 2011 from a Goffredo Bonci idea, the Garage is located in the original grandfather's place and it is become today a real space dedicated to the art.
One of our strengths is the large size of our space, flexible and modular. Garage Bonci  is the biggest gallery in Pietrasanta and it offers display solutions ad hoc supported by guardianship services, communications, pr collectors, graphic and publishing design.